Effective Air Conditioning Repair


An air conditioning system is designed to provide not just cooling but also ventilation, humidity control, and heating. At the same time, comfort should not come at a high cost or affect the environment in any way. It is important to look for energy-efficient solutions, quiet operation, easy installation, and use. At the same time, they should enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or office interiors.

Too much to ask? Not when you have Western Sky Mechanical with you. We offer cost-efficient, cutting-edge cooling solutions to meet both residential and industrial needs. Our wide range of small, medium-sized and large systems to fit any room size and budget. We also offer custom solutions if required. Our air-conditioners are energy-efficient and durable, designed to deliver maximum comfort for years to come without any compromises on your budget.

The summer can reach very high temperatures, and a broken air conditioning system in Calgary is the last thing you want. When this happens, you need to let a professional take over. Our technicians at Western Sky Mechanical have the experience necessary to repair, install and service your air conditioning system. Attempting to fix your AC system on your own can not only lead to more technical issues but potentially be dangerous as well.

Our experts are reliable, friendly and can provide you with any information you need on your repairs or installations. These are the most common AC problems we see:

AC Leaking
Improper Maintenance
Bad Fan Motor
Clogged Drainage/Other Drainage Problems
Electrical System Fails
Clogged Air Filters
Temperature Fluctuation


Maintaining Your AC Unit

It’s true that AC units use a lot of power and can succumb to the wear and tear of everyday use. That’s why it’s important to make sure your air conditioning system is regularly maintained and checked by our technicians at least twice a year.

We want you to feel comfortable the moment you step inside your home. Our highly trained HVAC staff will provide high-quality, efficient repair services when you need it. No matter the AC problem, Western Sky Mechanical is here to help.

Contact us today at (403) 254-4243 to receive an estimate on your air conditioning repair or replacement.

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