In order to extend the life of your ventilation and air conditioning system and ensure they function, the proper maintenance is required so that your equipment does not break down and leave you with costly repair bills that could have been avoided.

It is recommended that maintenance be completed once a year to prevent any issues and to monitor the unit, which consists of several components. This will ensure all of the parts are in working order and will help detect minor problems before they become serious issues so they can be repaired easily without costing a fortune.

It is only through a properly maintained and functioning air conditioning system that you will achieve your desired indoor temperature that meets your preferences and needs so that you can enjoy your indoor space comfortably. Clean air is incredibly important as is cool air during the hot summer months, and following the correct maintenance procedures will allow you to have both. Poor maintenance will lead to poor indoor air quality and circulation, which would affect your comfort level and defeat the purpose of ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

The maintenance procedure must include filter replacements. Dirty filters will prevent your unit from working properly and stop it from delivering cool and clean air and will also cause your unit to work harder than it should. This would not only affect the lifespan of your system but your monthly energy bills as well, which is why you must check and replace your filters regularly to prevent this from happening. The cleaning of the heat exchanger, a performance check and controlling the amount of refrigerant in the unit are also required. You’ll also want to clean and lubricate any of the machinery parts that require this kind of care while checking the electronic controls and their performance.

Certain aspects of the maintenance check can be done on your own; however, the installation and any service afterwards should be completed by HVAC specialists who can repair and assist with the maintenance of both residential and commercial ventilation units safely and efficiently. They have strict procedures they follow, including a thorough inspection of every component and part so that you can have peace of mind and rely on your unit. They will check for any damages that could affect the operation of your device and make any adjustments that are necessary. They will tighten any loose electrical connections, check the tension in the belts, check noise levels and carry out all of the other maintenance procedures that only a professional will know how to do.

The experts at Western Sky Mechanical will make sure you have nothing to worry about and our experienced HVAC technicians can help with emergency furnace repairs and offer furnace cleaning services. If you’re in the Calgary area and want a reputable company to help with your air conditioning needs, give us a call today!