If you see water leaking in from your furnace, don’t panic, take action! Water leaking from the furnace can occur from something major or something quite minor. Either way, it requires a technician to look at it right away. Water damage can affect the ceilings, walls or floors of your home and even cause mold.

Before you do anything else, turn your furnace off and clean up the puddle. Once it’s off, give Western Sky Mechanical a call to have one of our technicians fix it ASAP.

In the meantime, understand your furnace and why the leaking happened in the first place.

Here’s a list of the common reasons furnaces leak & what you can do to prevent it from happening again:

1) Your Condensate Lines Are Clogged

If you have a high-efficiency furnace, be aware that through a heat exchange process it creates condensation. If the vent pipe in your furnace is white plastic (PVC) that means it’s high-efficiency. Normally, the condensation drains through the condensate line and drain tap safely away from the furnace. However, if the condensate lines are clogged, then that will lead to a leak. 

2) Condensation In A Standard-Efficiency Furnace

A furnace with a metal exhaust pipe is a standard efficiency and should not have any condensation. Standard-efficiency furnaces do not have a cool exhaust, and if you do notice condensation in this unit, that indicates a problem. The likely cause is a flue pipe that was not sized properly allowing hot exhaust to condense and cool. This will result in a leak onto the floor.

3) The Humidifier Is Leaking

Humidifiers can leak inside a furnace which allows water to collect and put moisture in the air. The humidifier could have cracks or be clogged which is causing the leak. The pipes that lead into the humidifier may also be damaged which is causing the furnace leak.

4) The Internal Drain Is Clogged

If your air conditioning system shares an internal drain with the furnace, then that may be causing the issue. The plug on the internal drain system is forcing water back into the furnace. The water will collect and requires a technician right away.

5) The Furnace’s Secondary Heat Exchanger is Faulty

If the leak is not from condensation in the furnace, then the water could be coming from the secondary heat exchanger. It will be obvious to notice, as there will be pooling water surrounding the furnace instead of simply a water leak. It could either be failing or broken inside your furnace without your knowledge. This can occur when your furnace is old and in need of a replacement instead of just a repair.

If you need an HVAC technician’s help in Calgary, Western Sky Mechanical can do the job. We are committed to providing reliable, effective and professional emergency furnace repair. Our experts know how best to handle any HVAC problem to relieve you of any maintenance stress you have. 

Call our emergency service line (403) 463-4633 if you notice a major leak!