A warm home during those freezing days can feel like an inconceivable luxury when your heater just will not turn on. Maintaining your HVAC unit may not be a priority to most homeowners, but it should be implemented as one. A panic can creep up on you when you go to turn on your unit, only to have it unable to function and leaving you in a block of ice. Don’t let the cold get to you, with Western Sky Mechanical you’ll be warm in no time.

Check out our guide on the four common reasons a heater won’t turn on.

1. Tripped Circuit Breaker

A heater’s circuit breaker is designed to shut down when they’re receiving an overwhelming load of electricity. This allows the breaker to be tripped and shut off to prevent and electrical fires. The circuit breaker may have tripped if there were too many electrical appliances in use at once or from one older appliance that is consuming the majority of the electricity. 

2. Blocked Air Filter

Routine HVAC maintenance allows for thorough cleaning of the air filters. Without cleaning and changing the air filters, they can become clogged with dirt, dust and debris. Proper airflow can only pass through clean, functional air filters or the air will become obstructed by debris. When the air filter is blocked, water droplets in the drain lines can freeze and cover the coils with ice, shutting down the heater unit.

3. Thermostat Is Broken

If you checked the air filters and confirmed they’re clean and not the cause of your heater shutting down, try the thermostat. Ensure your thermostat is powered and is set to heat or cool setting. The thermostat regulates and controls the heating unit and if it is outdated or broken, it can cause a shut down of the system. 

4. A Blown Fuse

Many modern heating units use an electric control with an internal fuse used as a safeguard. When the fuse blows, which is the unit’s source of protection, then the heater may not turn on. To verify that a blown fuse is the cause, check if there is power going to the heating system and then unplug it. Find the circuit board and locate the fuse, if you find it and it appears blown, or you’ve used a multi-meter to confirm it’s blown, it needs to be replaced.

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